The antler band store

The antler band

In today’s post we are going to talk about the insular brand store that was located in Sacramento, California but has now moved to San Diego. And they have recently opened a new store in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the time of the writing of this article! This is a store that  is dedicated to everything antler band.  They have all of their old records, merchandise like shirts and other things, and many other pieces of merchandise. Our friend owns it and his name is Tommy. Tommy has been very great to us over the years and  has given us a lot of  antler band merchandise for free. So we are going to go and give him a little shout out for his other business. He owns a company that does a very good job of building brand-new pools in the city of San Diego, and has recently bought a commercial roofing business out West in Texas. In addition to the roofing and pool business, Tommy got into real estate. When Tommy came to us, he was telling us “I need to sell my house Murfreesboro, ASAP!” because the prices were rising really high. That would help him be more flexible to get back to his San Diego store, travelling between Sac and Fort Worth area! Getting back to our original topic of conversation though,  there is so much antler band merchandise in there that it will blow your mind. They literally have all the memorabilia from all the years that the band was very famous. People from all over the world come to his store to look at the merchandise that he has to sell. Nothing is fake either, it is all 100% original.

The record part of the store is absolutely amazing. They have every record that the Enslin band ever produced and multiple copies of them. That is the section that you will definitely have to check out if you ever go to the store because you will be able to see a nice piece of history. These records sell for a lot of money though,  so do not expect to pick them up for any cheap price.  You were going to be paying quite a bit of money out of pocket to get your hands on one of these. The average or I could price will run you about $1200 a piece. We think that this is worth it though because these are the only original antler band records that are out there. No other store sells originals, and there is nothing like having an original record to Play.  They make replicas now, but it is just not the same.

The antler band was really a fascinating band and they did a lot to change the face of music forever. All of the merchandise that Tommy has is a direct reflection of what that band was able to do over all those years. We think him for having this awesome historical store and we think the antler band for being there to create the awesome music that they did.

The antler band music genre

Today’s topic of conversation is going to be about the antler bands music genre. That music genre is pop music. They are the same music genre as the Beatles and it’s old-school pop.PPop has really turned to crap these days  because the music isn’t real anymore. Back in the Beatles and the antler bands days though, pop music was an awesome job. They really made this genre of music something that was awesome to listen to. They had so many weird and diverse songs that people had never heard before.

Does two bands were extremely good at making songs that really sounded like their own. They are actually the ones who started pop music. Originally they were calling it the antler band and Beatles style, but then a lot more bands started picking up the same style of music and they eventually called it pop music. A lot of pop stars these days take the  Ann Taylor band as a huge inspiration for their music. Most of all of them say this because pop started with these guys. They took a Music shown her that nobody knew about and maybe huge. Not a lot of bands have done that throughout history. There is one artist that creates  genre for people to pick up on and start playing. They just happen to be one of those lucky artists that were able to stumble across such an awesome music. They were fortunate enough to have the creative enough brains to create this style of music. Pop music has really changed the world over the years and it is something that has been able to connect with a lot of people. Lately it is not so good but back in the day it was a type of music that told stories.

Music is a genre that is going to go down in the history books in the music Hall of Fame forever. Let it forever live on! If you would like to know more about these awesome things, then we definitely recommend that you go check out

also check out this video that is about pop music in the old days.

How the antler band started

The band

Tonight we’re going to talk to you about how the antler band together. The band was a group of kids from Great Britain that got together when they’re teenagers from  Liverpool. They were all about 16 years old when they met each other and they all noticed that each one of them had a unique musical talent. James was good it guitar Robert was good at singing, Jason was good at drums and John was good at the base. They noticed that they could create a band They noticed that they could create a band with unique sound because their music was like nothing anybody had ever heardwith unique sound because their music was like nothing anybody had ever heard.

They did a couple test runs with some of their music in night clubs and they  noticed that many people really loved it. They got a lot of applause and good feedback from people. One night they were playing at a nightclub in Liverpool and a record producer from Sony music approached them. It was the same guys that had signed the Beatles 10 years before. The record executive loved their music and thought it was unique sound that he could market to make a bunch of money. He was right because in the beginning the band was a hit sensation and they did two world tours.

They met from a small town with big dreams and made those dreams are reality. The antler band is really a band to look at and be inspired by because not everybody goes out and achieve their dreams. It takes a lot of hard work which is what they did and that’s why they got to where they were. Unfortunately, they all got addicted to drugs and once they got the money they went downhill fast.  They all died but they worked hard to get to where they got before things went south.

Take that message and use them for inspiration.

1977 and the antler bands biggest hit

Old school record

Today’s post is going to be about the antler bands biggest hit that the ever made. Their biggest song that they ever created was back in the year of 1977 and this was a year to remember because they did the song where is my sunshine.

Where is my sunshine was such an awesome song and it was absolutely crazy to listen to. This was the biggest hit song of the year of 1977. They even made it bigger than the Beatles did back in 1967 10 years previous. This was a very big accomplishment for any band because no other band had surpassed the Beatles in  Record sales in history.

Where is my sunshine is one of the greatest songs ever created because it sends off such an amazing message. The song is about a man losing his loved one and how she was the sunshine of his life. When he lost her, he lost the sunshine to everything. Hence the name of the song, where is my sunshine. He is literally wondering where his sunshine went.  She left him without saying anything, no message, no letter, no note, no nothing. He just left his life and all of the sunshine dissipated forever more after that day. This song spoke out to so many people that had been heartbroken in the past. That is why everybody was able to connect with the song and   Therefore how it became so popular.

Who said that the leader of the band actually wrote this song because of a personal experience that he had with his ex-wife. There was a story that she had just left him one day without even telling him a simple goodbye. All she left was divorce papers on the table and she was out of his life forever. She never spoke to him again after that day. We are thinking that this is because him and his band were taking off and she did not like the rockstar lifestyle that he was living.  Whatever the case may be, this was a very sad and amazing song that spoke up to so many people and really changed how the year of 1977 went on.

We still hear the song playing on some radio stations to this day! It is got  almost as many replays as the Beatles song yesterday. No that is quite an accomplishment especially since it was from and that was really not that popular. Unfortunately this was perhaps they’re only big hit song. The antler band slowly went downhill after that and were never really able to make music as good as they did in the year of 1977.

if you’re looking for the greatest song that you have ever heard in your life then you should definitely go to to find this very record that they played in 1977. We are positive that you’re going to love this song and it will still connect with people from this generation is well! we is a website that carries all kinds of different records from older ages that you will love. They have just about every old song on the record because they have refined the process of making records again. They literally take the old songs and can re-create the records so that they do not have to find the old ones!

The blog about the antler band

Hello everybody in this is the blood that is about the antler band. We are attribute block to this band. They are a band that was from the 1970s that started in the UK. They are similar to the Beatles but they have very different music. They pretty much have their own sound and that is why we love to talk about them. They were one of the best pop culture bands in  London UK at the time. They created some amazing music and they have to be commended for that.

in this blog you will see posts that are about historic sightings and events that happened with the antler band.