1977 and the antler bands biggest hit

Old school record

Today’s post is going to be about the antler bands biggest hit that the ever made. Their biggest song that they ever created was back in the year of 1977 and this was a year to remember because they did the song where is my sunshine.

Where is my sunshine was such an awesome song and it was absolutely crazy to listen to. This was the biggest hit song of the year of 1977. They even made it bigger than the Beatles did back in 1967 10 years previous. This was a very big accomplishment for any band because no other band had surpassed the Beatles in  Record sales in history.

Where is my sunshine is one of the greatest songs ever created because it sends off such an amazing message. The song is about a man losing his loved one and how she was the sunshine of his life. When he lost her, he lost the sunshine to everything. Hence the name of the song, where is my sunshine. He is literally wondering where his sunshine went.  She left him without saying anything, no message, no letter, no note, no nothing. He just left his life and all of the sunshine dissipated forever more after that day. This song spoke out to so many people that had been heartbroken in the past. That is why everybody was able to connect with the song and   Therefore how it became so popular.

Who said that the leader of the band actually wrote this song because of a personal experience that he had with his ex-wife. There was a story that she had just left him one day without even telling him a simple goodbye. All she left was divorce papers on the table and she was out of his life forever. She never spoke to him again after that day. We are thinking that this is because him and his band were taking off and she did not like the rockstar lifestyle that he was living.  Whatever the case may be, this was a very sad and amazing song that spoke up to so many people and really changed how the year of 1977 went on.

We still hear the song playing on some radio stations to this day! It is got  almost as many replays as the Beatles song yesterday. No that is quite an accomplishment especially since it was from and that was really not that popular. Unfortunately this was perhaps they’re only big hit song. The antler band slowly went downhill after that and were never really able to make music as good as they did in the year of 1977.

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