The antler band store

The antler band

In today’s post we are going to talk about the insular brand store that was located in Sacramento, California but has now moved to San Diego. This is a store that  is dedicated to everything antler band.  They have all of their old records, merchandise like shirts and other things, and many other pieces of merchandise. Our friend owns it and his name is Tommy. Tommy has been very great to us over the years and  has given us a lot of  antler band merchandise for free. So we are going to go and give him a little shout out for his other business. He owns a company that does a very good job of building brand-new pools in the city of San Diego, and has recently bought a commercial roofing business out West in Texas. You should definitely check them out because it is an awesome website as well. Getting back to our original topic of conversation though,  there is so much antler band merchandise in there that it will blow your mind. They literally have all the memorabilia from all the years that the band was very famous. People from all over the world come to his store to look at the merchandise that he has to sell. Nothing is fake either, it is all 100% original.

The record part of the store is absolutely amazing. They have every record that the Enslin band ever produced and multiple copies of them. That is the section that you will definitely have to check out if you ever go to the store because you will be able to see a nice piece of history. These records sell for a lot of money though,  so do not expect to pick them up for any cheap price.  You were going to be paying quite a bit of money out of pocket to get your hands on one of these. The average or I could price will run you about $1200 a piece. We think that this is worth it though because these are the only original antler band records that are out there. No other store sells originals, and there is nothing like having an original record to Play.  They make replicas now, but it is just not the same.

The antler band was really a fascinating band and they did a lot to change the face of music forever. All of the merchandise that Tommy has is a direct reflection of what that band was able to do over all those years. We think him for having this awesome historical store and we think the antler band for being there to create the awesome music that they did.